Where will your loved one’s—or your own—cremated remains end up 5, 10 or even 50 years from now? it is important to establish a permanent place to memorialize your loved one. It will provide your family and friends with a focal point on special days, like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, to assist them in remembering the life that was lived.

When it comes to cremation and cremation urns, we offer countless styles to choose from. You can select a lovely wooden box to center your mantle, or you can choose a traditional metal urn that can be placed alongside a photograph of your loved one.

Interment Options


The function of a Columbarium is to provide an above-grade structure designed for the interment of the cremated remains. A columbarium is a structure designed specifically to hold cremated remains, and it is commonly constructed of granite. Often found in mausoleums, chapels or cremation gardens, a columbarium is made up of many small compartments called “niches” that hold urns. The Columbarium is a pre-cast concrete structure with footings. The structure is faced with brick, block, stone, granite, or pre-cast veneer, similar in material to other structures in the cemetery.


In this burial option, cremated remains are placed in an urn, which is then placed in a space in the mausoleum, called a cremation niche. The face of a niche may be personalized with emblems and flower vases.

Cremation pillars

Cremation pillars combine the beauty of bronze and granite to provide a distinctive, customized memorial option for memorializing a loved one who has chosen cremation. Choose from a multitude of granite colors and carvings, with images and words captured in bronze to create a moving link to a loved one’s past. Custom designs are also available.

 Cremation Garden

A cremation garden provides a final resting place for your loved one’s cremated remains. It is a designated area of the cemetery that may vary from a simple urn garden to a more elaborate area featuring elegant landscapes, graceful water designs and stunning granite monuments. The space can provide a beautiful and comforting experience for the spirit and the senses. Refreshing plants, trees and other natural botanical details may complement the garden. An array of options including family estates, personalized granite pedestals, niche walls, unique benches, garden columbaria and water features may be available.

Ground Burial

In-ground burial, often referred to as “traditional” burial, allows you to personalize your memorialization by offering a variety of choices such as individual, companion or family locations within beautifully manicured gardens and special areas. Depending on what type of in-ground burial you choose, an outer burial container may be necessary.