Funeral preplanning with Roller Funeral Homes gives you “peace of mind” knowing that the story of your life will be told as you would tell it.

Preplanning your funeral with Roller Funeral Homes is a way to protect your family during one of the most difficult days in their lives.

Peace of mind comes from knowing you have protected your family on one of the worst days of their lives. Our helpful staff can guide you through this process.

There are dozens of decisions to be made when arranging a funeral.  Now, more than ever, it is important to plan ahead.  Dealing with government agencies and insurance benefits can be frustrating and complicated.  For example, did you know that each year millions of dollars in government and insurance benefits go unclaimed?  It's unfortunate that many times the family does not have the information needed to claim those benefits.  Planning ahead protects your family's long-term security and spares your family this task during one of the most difficult days of their lives.