Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I preplan?

We plan for vacations, weddings and retirement. Preplanning funeral and cemetery arrangements is no different.

Making funeral arrangements ahead of time helps to take the doubt and confusion away from all of those who will be tasked to make difficult decisions on your behalf. It also allows you to make sure that your final wishes are known; and when you take time to plan calmly and with ample information in hand, you can help to alleviate emotional overspending.

In many ways, preplanning is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your loved ones because it offers them peace of mind. They will know exactly what your final wishes were and will feel relieved that they don’t have to guess what you would have wanted.

Can I pay for my arrangements now, or does it have to be done after the funeral takes place?

You have the option to pay the costs ahead of time. You can prepay your arrangements to help avoid the possibility of inflation while making informed choices that fit within your budget. You also have the added assurance that there will be less confusion over financial responsibility during your family’s time of need.

Are there any financial benefits to prefunding my arrangements?

  • Estate tax reduction: Advance planning may reduce your heirs’ future estate tax burden.
  • Medicaid/SSI spend-down exemption: Prepaid funeral and cemetery costs are often exempt from the spend-down process to qualify for Medicaid or state assistance.
  • Cost-saving plans: Prefund your arrangements now at today’s prices.
  • Help towards eliminating future costs: Preplanning may remove the threat of unexpected financial costs for your family when they are the least prepared.
  • Secure cemetery property: Prefunding ensures that you get exactly the cemetery property you want because it is a deeded purchase.

Do you offer any tools to help me preplan my arrangements?

This website and our family service counselors can assist members with end-of-life issues, offer valuable financial and health information, and provide the tools and guidance needed for you to make the best choices for you and your family today.

How will my family know where to find my plan?

It is important that you designate a trusted family member or friend to have access to your plan in the event that you become ill or pass away. If it’s difficult to share your wishes with those you love, just make sure you provide instructions about how to access your information. If you’ve chosen to prefund your arrangements, we will have all of your personal instructions and wishes on-hand at our facility to share with your family at the time of need.

What if I move after I preplan or prefund my arrangements?

Your prearranged services can be easily transferred to any Roller funeral home across the state of Arkanses if you want to move or relocate your funeral or cemetery services to another area.

Contact us for further assistance.  Our funeral planning professionals will work with you to plan out every detail.